Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friendly Hermit

I bought this particular house mainly to do a better job at being alone.  It's quiet and private.  I filled the 2nd bedroom with geek toys, leaving just enough space to swivel my chair.  The 3rd bedroom is absolutely empty, and I still kind of wish I could have found a place like this without a 3rd bedroom at all.  The living room is really for reading.  The "great for entertaining" deck is really for taking naps in the fresh air.

But the really good memories I'm making here are from having people over.

I had a small Christmas party this weekend.  I left to pick somebody up, and when I got back my godson was napping in the living room with his mom, while his dad replaced the brakes on his car in the garage.  And I was really glad that I had made my friends comfortable enough to do that.

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