Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are they still o-possums, or was that just in Oklahoma?

Somebody yelled in the street at 2am.  This simultaneously pisses me off, and makes me giddy at how quiet my new "normal" night-time noise level is.  I grabbed a flashlight and walked through the house to make sure it was just somebody out in the street.  I'm not sure what else I thought it might have been.  World's worst burglar?

While walking, I spotted an animal in the back yard tottering toward my window, then saw it again a few minutes later tottering away.  I shone the light out but didn't see much.  It was low to the ground, bigger than most housecats, and broad for its height.  Raccoon?  They can get big, but I think I would have seen the markings on its fur.  I'm thinking opossum.  They totter.

Opossums in the neighborhood could explain the monster den in the corner of the yard.

I heard some more obnoxious voices from the road, and something like a car trying to start with a weak battery.  Yeah, that's frustrating.  Yelling at 2am doesn't help.  Shut up.

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