Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coffee Table Zombie 2

I own a tape measure, hammer, electric drill, and hand saw.  I can build anything, so long as it's ugly.

To ressurect my legless coffee table, the basic idea is to build a simple but sturdy frame and legs, then set the new frame into the recess on the underside of the tabletop.  I drew up some simple plans, but I failed to consider the size of the lumber, only the overall dimensions.  This will bite me in the butt later.

I already had some basic tools, so a $30 trip to Home Depot got me ready.  I was pleased to learn that I can fit 8-foot long 2x4's in my car with only minor damage to the dash and stereo.  Also, carrying lumber makes me feel cool.  Not as cool as carrying a ladder, but it's it's nice.  But I digress...

Before starting work, gather the tools and materials:

Most of this is obvious, but I should explain that the ammunition boxes in the back are for pressing joints together while glue dries.  Probably.  And the big yellow box which looks like a kid's toy is a cheap miter box, basically a guide for cutting straight lines with a hand saw.  The miter box has plastic cams to lock a board in place, which is simple and brilliant.

It's hard to see, but there's a tape measure on the table which is older than me.  It was my grandmother's.  She was a seamstress for many years, and after she passed away this was one of the few things of hers I inherited.  The others are ceramic knickknacks and a couple end tables, one of which my grandfather (who I never knew) made.  That tape measure is probably full of lead and asbestos, or ribbon candy, but I like using it.

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