Monday, December 27, 2010

Coffee Table Zombie

 This is my coffee table:

It is suffering from a bad case of not having any legs.  We've mostly been using it as a quarantine zone; my five-year-old godson sits on it when he has snacks so he can't spill on the carpet.  It was the parents' idea, not mine, so it's not arrogant.

I'd been using the table as a headboard in my last apartment.  I lost the legs after a previous move.  Actually, I think I threw them out, because the legs are meant to bolt into the tabletop, and the movers busted the supports:

I like the table.  It actually looks better in my new living room than it did in the Texas apartment.  I decided to fix the table, but with the underside damaged, I don't have anything good to screw legs into.  There's a separate metal band that's meant to reduce wobbly leggedness, and it worked great with the original leg, but it was very difficult to align and put on, so I don't trust my mechanical skill enough to use it with any unofficial legs.

I think I need to basically build a new table, sturdy enough on its own, and attach the top in a "this is not a load-bearing woozle" sort of way.  The underside of the table has a large recess which would define the shape of the new supports, and be a convenient way to connect the two without making major changes to the nice factory tabletop.

It's time to unwrap my hammer.

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