Friday, January 7, 2011

Bachelor Chow

To help mitigate the financial vortex that is my mortgage, I'm cooking more meals at home.  It's tricky to cook efficiently for one person, because if you buy small amounts you pay extra per unit, and if you buy larger amounts you may waste much of it.  So I prefer recipes that A) have a small number of ingredients so I use plenty of each, and B) do well as leftovers so I can make a big batch.  This is one of my staples:


Equal parts brown rice and pearled barley
Low-salt beef broth
Several gloves of garlic
A Bay leaf
Some black pepper
A handful of cheddar cheese (optional)

Prepare the rice and barley together, following the directions on the bag but replacing water with broth.  Rice and barley have nearly identical preparations, but you'll have to do some math to average the two together.  While the mix is cooking, add the garlic, Bay leaf, and pepper.  After it's cooked, remove the Bay leaf and stir in the cheese.

This is pretty hearty and works as a main dish.  Serve with veggies and beer.

Random culinary tip: don't wipe your hands on your trousers.  Wipe them on your socks.  It will be less visible, and if you ruin them they're cheaper to replace.

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