Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yard work

I'm starting to like working in the yard.  Today, I dug up my dahlias, hoping to replant the tubers for next year.  It was kind of hard work because I don't have the right tools.  No real shovel, just a hand-held soil scoop.

After re-reading the texts on dahlias, I think I threw away the "keep" part and kept the "throw away" part.

Mostly, though, I rake.  If I've got an empty "yard waste" dumpster, it takes about 90 minutes to rake enough to fill.  A little exercise, fresh air, and sense of accomplishment.  The leaves and needles fall faster than I can have them hauled away, so in a way it's OK for me to do a shoddy job.  I can't get it all, so why get it all in one part of the yard?

The rest of the day always feels longer after I've worked in the yard.  I have a theory that novel experiences slow down time, though, so maybe it will become a "times flies" thing after a few years.

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