Monday, November 22, 2010

Leaf Me Be

I have a lot of trees.  I love my trees.  Not only are they beautiful, but they keep my house private and, I hope, cool in the summer.  The problem is they shed like mad.  I've raked up two full dumpsters worth of leaves and needles, and that's doing a half-assed job.  The trash pickup only takes two loads of yard waste per month, so I'm basically not allowed to keep the yard clean during autumn.

Worse, the pickup will be skipped on Thanksgiving.  In this part of Oregon, you work in the rain or the work doesn't get done.  So I have a dumpster full of soggy leaves.  I'm basically brewing leaf-wine until sometime next month.

Some of the neighbors obviously still haven't raked up at all.  I'm not complaining -- a yard full of bright leaves is nice to look at -- but do they know something I don't?  Are you allowed to blow your leaves into the street and let the street sweepers clear it?

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